Option 1: Online Purchasing

Classes can not be hidden, but Series/Contracts can.

  1. Create new Series Type

  2. Create a new Series/Contract grouped under the new Series Type and keep the Series/Contract offline.

  3. Create a Class in the Scheduler and only allow the new Series Type for payment

  4. Create a new Group, add the new offline series (the price does not need to be discounted)

  5. Place select customers in the Group via the Info tab in their profile.

When select customers are logged in, they will be able to purchase the "hidden" offline series. Click here to learn more about how to achieve this through Groups/Memberships.

Option 2: Purchase in-studio Only

Classes can be hidden from view but can not be booked online.

  1. Request from support@zingfit.com that a private room be setup (provide room name and enrollment capacity)

  2. Create a classes(es) in the Scheduler in the new private room

  3. Create a Series and keep the series offline

  4. Sell the new Series in-studio

  5. Book the class in-studio by selecting the private room in the Booker

Option 3: Customers get an email with a private URL to join the class

Removes the Class or Event from the public schedule

After you setup and save a Class or Event in the scheduler, go back and check the box "Is Private". The Class or Event gets a private URL that you can email to customers to join.

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