What is a Group?

A Group is a collection of customers that have discounted pricing based on the type of group they are in. Studios use Groups to provide discounted pricing to employees of a local business, family, friends, or to customers who have purchased a specific contract as a Membership. There are 3 different ways that a customer can be made part of a group.

Methods for adding customers into Groups

1. Manually Set - A customer can be manually added to a group by studio staff via the Customer Profile Info tab (Groups appear near the bottom of the page)

2. Activated by code - Customers will be able to apply a code either upon Sign-up or in their "My Info" section. To allow customers to enter a group activation code upon Sign-up, the text box to enter the code must be enabled in the "Configure Customer Fields" settings. (Note: the studio administrator will be notified by email of all Group memberships triggered by activation code; this works as a check on un-authorized enrollment. Additionally, customers may only enrol themselves into 1 group via activation code).

3. Memberships based on an Active Contract

Memberships are a type of group. They are used to offer discounted pricing to customers who have purchased a specific contract. For example, if you want to offer a 50% discount to customers who have purchased a VIP contract, you can set up a group whose membership is based on an Active Contract, and then set up the desired discounted pricing for specific Series.

For this option, the Contract must be created first (Scheduling/Retail > Series/Contracts), and then all Customers who purchase the Contract will be automatically enrolled in this group

Once the Group is created, add one or a number of Series/Contracts for discounting.

Note - A group discount doesn't carry forward on contract purchases beyond the initial purchase. Adding a percentage in the Add all or Add boxes will automatically calculate the Group discounted price.

It is then possible to edit the price of each Series/Contract by manually changing the Group Price field for each package.

Note: Series/Contracts that are not discounted should be removed by clicking on the delete icon to the left of each package. This is especially important as offline Series are available for purchase to group members.

Note: By adding offline Series/Contracts to Groups, studios can create exclusive packages which can give exclusive access to scheduled classes.

Note: Series can be made free for group members (set 100% discount or $0 price).

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