The Guest Booking feature provides the ability for a studio customer to book multiple spots in a class and then assign those spots to someone else. This is a great tool for multiple customers in the same family or if a member is inviting someone new.

To allow a customer to book multiple spots in a class, the following settings must be configured:

  1. The Attendance Limit in Admin > Configuration > Settings should be set to the maximum number of spots any customer can book for any one class. Contact zingfit support if this value needs to be changed.

  2. In the Series Setting, there are two options that can prohibit Guest Booking. In Admin > Scheduling/Retail > Series/Contract, edit the Series that you want the option to make Guest Bookings and make the following changes:

    1. Under the Booking Options panel, set the Custer Per Class Limit equal to the number of spots any one customer can book in a class with each Series.

    2. Under Purchase Options/Restrictions, make sure Can Share is toggled to Yes.

Once Guest Booking is enabled, customers will be able to book a spot for themselves and someone else. In the class schedule, after they have selected a spot for themselves, the customer will be asked if they would like to reserve another. They have the option to select Same Class or Choose Class.

After the class is booked, the customer MUST assign the class to the guest. From the My Classes list in the customer account, click on the gear icon next to the class and select Assign Guest.

The customer will be prompted to enter the email address of the guest they would like to invite. If the guest is a studio customer, the guest will be notified via email. In the email, there will be a link to claim the spot assignment. If the spot is not claimed by the guest, it will remain in the name of the host customer.

If the guest is not a customer of the studio, the host can send a personalized email inviting them to the studio. The guest will receive an email with a link to claim the spot. The guest will be required to register with the studio and agree to the studio's terms and conditions.

Please note: Customers who book a class within the Cancellation Window will not be presented with Assign a Guest option. If a customer wishes to assign a guest within the cancellation window, they can do so only via the Studio's assistance from within the Booker.

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