A scheduled pushed corporate email allows you to create an email on the HQ account level, to then push into all (or select) franchisee accounts!

To do this, you can can navigate to the calendar within Marketing Automation and click > create new > pushed corporate email:

You will then schedule as you one any other email - selecting the type of email, the date, and time:

Next, you'll be designing and building the email - just like you would any other email!

You'll be able to add the list of children accounts this email will end up in the accounts of:

You can mark as editable to allow the franchisees to make updates to the email as well!

You can choose the segments this will be going to as well, the franchisees are able to create and select the segments themselves, so if the segment isn't yet created in the account, you can choose all contacts. After you choose the segment, select "Push". It will populate on that franchisee account's calendar for the date and time you scheduled.

You also have the option of saving as ready to be sent in all accounts the email is being pushed into, but you will need to select a recipient list in the HQ email - this email will not send from HQ as long as there are no contacts in HQ to send to! There should not be any contacts in HQ - it is a non-integrated "skeleton account" made simply to build emails and auto-campaigns. If there are contacts in your HQ account, please reach out to Marketing Automation's support team prior to sending.

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