Syncing auto-campaigns from the HQ account to your franchisees is a fast and easy way to ensure your communications are consistent and streamlined across the franchise. Read on to learn how to sync an HQ auto-campaign into franchisee accounts!

If you haven't yet built your auto-campaign in the HQ account, check out this article to learn how.

Once you've built your auto-campaign at the HQ level and are still logged into the HQ account, follow the below instructions to learn to sync the campaign into the respective franchisee accounts.

1. While logged into the HQ account, navigate to Auto-Campaigns in the top navigation bar.

2. Locate the auto-campaign you'd like to sync and click on it.

3. Once in the auto-campaign, navigate to the URL at the top of the page and add /synced to the end of it.

4. You should now see the screen below, with the appropriate auto-campaign title at the top.

5. Click into the Franchisees dropdown and select the location(s) you'd like to sync the campaign to.

6. Next, you'll select the Permission Level you'd like to give franchisee(s) for this particular auto-campaign.

  • Create a Standard Copy: Franchisees have full control over editing the content, enrollment rules, and exit goals of this synced auto-campaign. The HQ account cannot re-sync any changes made to this campaign at the HQ level.

  • Create a synced copy where Franchisees can only edit the content inside the auto-items: Franchisees can edit the content of auto-messages, but they cannot alter the enrollment rules or exit goals of the auto-campaign. This is the most often-used permissions level. HQ doesn't need to do all the work but can still control the over-arching purpose of the campaign.

  • Create a synced copy that is not editable by Franchisees: This permission level means Franchisees cannot edit the content, enrollment rules, or exit goals of the campaign. They have the ability to Start and Pause a campaign but will not see any Edit buttons.

7. Once you've selected the permission level for the franchisees in regards to this synced auto-campaign, click Push to Franchisees. The list of accounts this campaign has been synced into will populate under Currently Associated. This will also provide visibility to the status of that particular auto-campaign in each franchisee account - whether it's in draft mode, active, or paused.

Now, this auto-campaign will exist in each of the franchisee accounts it was synced to. If you want to make updates to the synced auto-campaign at any time, you will make those changes at the HQ level and sync the changes to each of the franchisees using the Sync Changes to Content or Sync Changes to Rules options.

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