Essentially, we will be taking data from a third-party app and using Zapier to automatically fill out a Marketing Automation signup form. This can kick-off an automation, be added to a segment etc. In this example, I used Facebook, but please select the app you are using (i.e. Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, Google Sheets, Click Funnel etc.)

Step 1: Create a signup form in Marketing Automation, which is under "Apps" in the top navigation.

You will then go through the steps of setting up the form, selecting the fields you wish to pull in. 

Step 2: Once the fields are selected, click EMBED on the left navigation, and you will need to find the uuid. This identification code is what tells Zapier which Marketing Automation form it will need to "fill out". Although this can look intimidating because it's code, if you scroll to the bottom of the embed code and then slowly up, you will see <input type...copy the the value, but do not include the quotation marks! We will save this for later!

Step 3: Now it's Zapier time. Navigate to Zapier, where we will be setting up a Zap. Start by clicking "make a Zap". 

For the purposes of the demonstration, we are using Facebook Ads. However, there are many other third-party apps, and you should select the one you are using!

If you are not using Facebook ads, search for the app you want, and select the correct form or survey you are using.

Step 4: Now that we told Zapier where to pull the data from, we now have to tell it where to put the data, which for Marketing Automation will always be Webhook.

Fill out the fields as following:

Choose App: Webhooks by Zapier
Choose Action Event: Custom Request

Method: Post

Data Pass-Through?: False

Copy and paste the following into the larger Data field:

  "response": {
    "first_name": "DELETE THIS",
    "last_name": "DELETE THIS",
    "email": "DELETE THIS",
    "phone": "DELETE THIS"

Highlight the text that says DELETE THIS (leave quotation marks), delete it, and press the plus button outlined in red in the screenshot above. You will select the corresponding field and add it in. Do not delete the quotation marks!

The remaining fields can be left blank.

Hit continue and test to ensure that the zap is working!

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