Marketing Automation is now integrated with Vimeo OTT to help you capture your on demand members the same way you would if they were coming to classes in the studio! For more information on Vimeo OTT click here.

  1. You'll start this process by logging into Vimeo OTT and clicking 'Platforms' in the Distribution tab:

2. Next scroll past the Apps until you see "API keys" and click "Create key:"

3. You'll want to name your application "Marketing Automation" since this will just be used one time.

4. Once you've clicked "Create key," a one-time API key will generate. You have to copy this link in this screen. If you leave the screen before copying, you won't be able to access that code again so you'll start over from step 1.

5. Next, log into Marketing Automation, click your business name in the top right of your screen and then click "Settings." On the left-hand side, look for Integrations. Click "Add a New Integration" and look for "Vimeo OTT."

6. Paste that API key in the box, and your account will be integrated!

7. From here, you'll see the options to segment and trigger auto-campaign enrollment based on when the user became a Vimeo subscriber, what kind of subscription they have (free trial, regular subscription, etc.,) and the status of their subscription. 

If you need any support while setting this up, feel free to reach out to our team through Marketing Automation chat!

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