There are a few different occasions when you could find yourself uploading a CSV file into Marketing Automation:

Whatever the case, your CSV file will need to be formatted correctly in order to accomplish a successful upload. If you receive an error message when attempting an upload, it is most likely due to an issue with formatting. Please see below for a few tips on how to avoid errors:

  • You will only need columns for relevant information - this includes email address, first name, last name, and phone number. Any additional, extraneous columns should be deleted from the file. At a minimum, you will need to have email addresses included in your file, as email address is Marketing Automation's key identifier for contacts.

  • The columns should have a clear title at the top (i.e. "Email Address.")

  • No additional headers or footers should be included in the file.

  • The file must be saved as a CSV file type.

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