In short, smart segments are dynamic and constantly updated to meet the assigned condition(s) while standard segments are static.

Smart Segments...

  • Are created by assigning conditions that are evaluated against your data.

  • Are used when you'd like a list that automatically refreshes to only include contacts that meet the criteria.

  • Have the option to add qualifiers (additional filters).

  • Are able to have more than one condition.

    • *Note: When there are two or more conditions, the selected conditions become an "and" statement (i.e. a list of contacts for customers who have attended your studio three or more times in the last 30 days AND have a membership).

Standard Segments...

  • Are created by manually uploading a CSV file or adding individual contacts.

  • Are used when you already have an existing list in your previous email platform or in the rare instance when our conditions cannot capture the intended data.

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