When uploading an image into Marketing Automation email, it's important that the image follows a few guidelines:

What are the file type restrictions for images?

  • Marketing Automation only accepts .png, .jpg, and .gif files

What is the best size for images in emails?

  • Images in emails should be 1200px wide. This will ensure they maintain their quality when fitted into the email.

  • If you would like the image to fill the width of your email, please ensure it is at least 600px wide to avoid distortion.

What is the size restriction on uploading an image?

  • To make sure your emails load efficiently in your customers' inboxes, images must be less than 3MB.

If you are experiencing an issue or receiving an error when attempting to upload an image, please ensure the image meets the above restrictions.

If the issue persists, please reach out to us through our Support Chat.

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