The Class Dropdown Menu allows you to gather information, communicate, and engage with a specific class in the Booker. In the Booker, click the class you need on the left-hand side followed by the Class dropdown.

The Class dropdown menu has the following options:

  • Email the class- With the option to e-mail the class and/or waitlist, the studio can customize a subject and message to send out to the customers in the class.

  • Cancel the class- This will trigger the Attendance Cancelled System Email to send.

  • Print Sign-in Sheet- This will print a sign-in sheet for customers to physically sign in.

  • Print Room- This will print the spot scheduled room with the customer attendance data.

  • Customer Info- This provides a report of all customers enrolled in the class including:

- Customer Name

- Email Address

- Notes

- Series/Contract used to book into the class

  • Attendance Log- This provides a log for each attendance record for that class including enrollments, cancels, no shows, and changes in series for the booking.

  • Product for this class- If Product Upsells are enabled, this will provide you with a list of purchased Product Upsells for this class.

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