Using the Deposits report, your studio can reconcile each payout that is processed to your bank account

Please note: Your studio must be on Stripe Connect Express to utilize this report. If you are on Stripe Connect Express but you do not have access, please go to an admin or Corporate Admin listed on the account to provide you with role access.

To access this report, navigate to Admin > Reporting > Sales Reports > Deposits

Deposit Report Columns

Payout ID: This is a Stripe specific ID. Selecting this ID will drill down into the transactions that constitute a payout.

Deposit Date (UTC): Date the deposit is estimated to be received

Deposit Created (UTC): Date and time the deposit was created by the Processor

First Transaction in Payout (UTC): Date and time of the earliest transaction included in the payout

Last Transaction in Payout (UTC): Date and time of the last transaction included in the payout

Deposit Status: Indicates the current status of the deposit

Currency: Currency of the payout

Sales: Total value of sales included in the payout

Refunds: Total value of transaction refunds in the payout

Adjustments: Total value of transaction adjustments in the payout

Fees: Total value of transaction processing fees in the payout

Payout Amount: Total amount to be deposited to your bank account. This is calculated as: Payout Amount = Sales - Refunds - Adjustments - Fees

Please note: any payment processed through SEPA, Ideal, SoFort and Giro pay may take up to 14 days to process. These payments will reflect in the Deposits report once they have been paid out.

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