Booker Tiles and Icons

The booker is where studio owners and staff will handle any workflow regarding enrollment or point of sales. For Spot Scheduled rooms the booker shows the room map with the use of Booker Tiles to represent details of customer enrollment. The room map header provides the day, date, time, instructor and room the selected class is held in as well as the number of Enrolled, No Shows, and Signed In.

  • The blue star icon denotes first-time customers

  • Minus/plus sign used to hold/release spots

  • Click anywhere on an occupied spot tile and display a drop down window with more features, including Cancel, No Show, Switch Spot or view Customer Info and Series reports. You will notice that the Switch Spot functionality is more intuitive; once clicking Switch Spot, you can now simply click on the destination spot tile.


Studios have the ability to display icons that denote the particular series/contract used in order to book the spot. To enable this, edit the Series (Scheduling/Retail > Series/Contracts) select an icon in the Display Options panel.

Once a customer holding a Series to which an icon had been assigned is booked into a spot, the icon will appear below the spot number. In this way, a studio can determine which customers used a specific Series/Contracts at a glance.

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