To help studio staff with troubleshooting bookings, for each class in the Booker, the Attendance Log displays a neatly organized report displaying a booking status history of each class enrollee. To access the report, select a class in the left gray box of the Booker and then use the Class menu towards the top right of the Booker screen to choose Attendance Log toward the bottom of the menu.

The Spot column displays the customer position the class (this may or may not relate to a specific piece of equipment in the room) The Status column displays actions affecting the customer enrollment status in the class. Actions are as follows.

  • Available - a previously unavailable spot was made available using the "+" icon on the Booker tile (spot scheduled rooms only)

  • Canceled - the customer booking was canceled (customer was NOT charged)

  • Enrolled - the customer was enrolled in the class

  • No Show - the customer booking was canceled (customer WAS charged)

  • Switched Spot - the customer spot number was changed (spot scheduled rooms only)

  • Unavailable - a spot is made unavailable using the "-" icon on the Booker tile (spot scheduled rooms only)

  • Waitlist Expired - the customer was not enrolled so the Series credit was restored to her account

The Date column displays date and time of booking action. The Customer columns display the studio customer affected by the booking action The By column Attendance Log distinguishes between three types of bookings.

  • Customer bookings - denoted by a "c:" followed by beginning characters of the customer email address

  • Studio bookings - displays the name of the studio staff member (anyone with Booker access) who created the customer booking (or cancellation/waitlisting/noshow/switchspot)

  • System bookings - "system" indicates the customer was booked by the system from the waitlist

Note: You can also search a customer's own Attendance history in their Profile Card. This attendance log will only count the last 300 bookings and differentiates between cancellations, no-shows, waitlisted and enrolled.

If you wanted to view a wider scope of attendance, you can view the Attendance by Customer Report, as well as the total customer export file (Customers.csv file that gets exported here: Admin > People > Customers > “Export All”). They don't differentiate between classes booked and canceled. The export may not include the latest bookings. You need to look at the customer info tab on attendance and compare to the last class taken on the export to see if more classes have been booked.

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