Note: Please ensure that Workshops are enabled under System Settings. Contact zingfit Support to have Workshops enabled.

Workshops (which can be renamed to be called Programs, Event Series, etc.) are a series of related classes that can be scheduled and purchased by the studio customer in a single transaction. Classes assigned to a Workshop can be made unavailable to non-subscribers, or the studio may choose to allow drop-ins at a per-class rate To create a Workshop, follow these steps.

  1. From the Scheduler, create an Event or class benefits of creating an Event: The workshop can be booked outside the normal booking window, an additional banner will appear above the scheduler to call attention to the workshop event benefits of creating a Class: The class will not create the additional banner above the scheduler pageDownside: the customer cannot book into the workshop class if it is outside the booking window

  2. Once the Event/Classes are established, create a Workshop (from the same menu used to create Classes and Events) using the start date of the first Event/Class

  3. Give the Workshop a Name, Start Date, Summary, and Description -- once the event/class is created, the zingFit system gives the Workshop its own page and URL).

  4. Click into the Classes box, and select each one of the Events/Class scheduled under the Workshop

  5. If customers are NOT permitted to register for individual classes as drop-ins, select the No option for Open Enrollment.

  6. Enter a price for the Workshop and then Save. The zingfit system will create a new Series and Series Type for this Workshop.

Please note that if a Workshop has Open Enrollment set to No, clients cannot book into the workshop on or after the start date.

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