You've created your event and now you need to fill in the details. You've come to the right place!

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To add an event, you'll need to fill in many of the same fields required to create a class - instructor, date, and class time. However, creating events differ from creating a class in the ‘Description’ field. In this field, you provide customers with a short depiction of the event, which can also include an image of your choosing.

NOTE: When writing the description, it is important to note that text pasted from an outside source will take on the characteristics of that source, and overwrite the styling built into your website (fonts, size etc). The best way to avoid styling confusion is to type the description directly into the text box. If it's easier to copy and paste; be sure to select the text and click the "Tx" button in the content entry toolbar to clear the formatting.


Above the ‘Description’ text field, there are several buttons and icons, some of which may look familiar, others which may appear foreign. Find the sixth from the left on the top row - it looks like a small picture of a mountain landscape with a sun in the top left corner. That’s the add image button.

This will get you to this menu:

By pressing the "Browse Server" button, you will be directed to your zingFit File Manager that is provided for each client.

After entering the File Manager, upload your images:

After uploading image(s), click on the image and Select it so that it's added in your event automatically.

Finally, after having your image uploaded, hover your mouse over your event to "quick preview" your event.

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