Many studios offer free/community classes as a benefit to the community, and as a way to introduce new riders to the studio. The setup below outlines how to schedule the Class so that customers need not purchase a special series; they need only click on the Class on the schedule to be immediately enrolled.

Are you looking to add an Event to your schedule? Click here to learn more.

The Class Type

  1. Set up a new Class Type for the Community Class Admin > Scheduling/Retail > Classes > Add Class Type

  2. No special setup is needed. Give the class a Name, Class Length and Duration then Save Changes

The Series Type

  1. Create a new Series Type: Admin > Scheduling/Retail > Series Type > Add For Free Classes

  2. Name the Series Type, set a description, and select a Payment Gateway

  3. Save Changes

** Creating a Free Series type will automatically generate the Series that will be applied to the customer's account in order to reserve the Free class. The class count will be set to 1 and the price is set to $0. You can go in at any time to edit the booking and purchase options as you would a normal series. You can learn more about Series setup and options by clicking here.

The Schedule

  1. Add a Class in the Scheduler for the proposed date

  2. Use the newly created Class Type

  3. Make sure that only the new Series Type is selected as a Series Type and no payment will be required to book this Class.

  4. Save Changes

**Please note that selecting the Free Series Type for any class will make that class Free to anyone who signs up for it. This means the free series described above will also be added to the customer's account. We recommend only selecting the Free Series type you created for classes that are truly free for everyone.

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