ZingFit has the ability to create special spot scheduling layouts for fundraisers and events. In these layouts, studios can choose to charge different pricing for certain placements in the room. For example, cycling studios might charge $500 for booking a bike in the front row, $250 for the second row, etc.

To do this, we copy and modify your existing Spot Scheduled room map, to create the Tiered Pricing map. We bill for our time to do this, as it will take us at least several hours.

If you already have a Spot Scheduled room, and would like us to create a tiered pricing map for it, please submit a Spot Scheduling Form and be sure to include:

• Any design details you would like

• Mention that you want Tiered Pricing, and be specific about what pricing for which tiers

• Any room assets that we would require to build your room map, including plain room background, room background with tiers shown, and room background with tiers and spots shown.

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