Many studios are offering Charity events or Fundraisers to raise money for heart-felt causes and at the same time are creating marketing buzz for the studio. The setup below outlines how to schedule the Event with a special Series so that normal class packages cannot be used for the Event.

Events in zingfit are different from classes in that they fall outside of the regular booking window you have configured, allowing customers to enrol 30 days prior. To facilitate this, Events will also show up in a separate section of your Reserve Page to differentiate them from regular classes. This encourages people to sign up for special events months in advance to make the event successful! Learn more about the difference here.

Looking to offer Free Classes? Click here to learn how to set up a Free class:

Event Setup

The Class Type

  1. Set up a new Class Type for the charity Event Admin > Scheduling/Retail > Classes > Add Class Type

  2. No special setup is needed. Give the Class a Name, Class Length and Duration then Save Changes

The Series Type

  1. Set up a new Series Type Admin > Scheduling/Retail > Series Type > Add For Events

  2. Name the event series type, set a description, and select a payment gateway

  3. Save Changes

The Series

  1. Create a new Series under the new Series Type by going to Admin > Scheduling/Retail > Series/Contracts > Add Series

  2. For Series Type, select your new Series Type (here we've called it "Charity Event")

  3. The Price field must have a non-zero number value

  4. The Class Count should be set to "1", all other Series configurations are standard

  5. Make sure you set the expiration so that the series does not expire before the date of the event

  6. Save Changes

The Schedule

  1. Add an Event in the Scheduler for the proposed date. Click here to see how to add an event to your schedule.

  2. Use the newly created Class Type

  3. Make sure that only the new Series Type ("Charity Event") is selected as a Series Type so only the underlying Series can be used to pay for the event.

  4. Save Changes

Tiered Pricing Option:

zingFit has the ability to create special spot scheduling layouts for fundraisers. In these layouts, studios can choose to charge different pricing for a certain placement in the room. For example, cycling studios might charge $500 for booking a bike in the front row, $250 for the second row, etc. Click here to learn about Tiered Pricing.

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