Sometimes Instructors call in sick, or for some reason, they cannot show up for an upcoming class they are assigned to.

Zingfit now automates a substitute request system to save time and resources for the studio in the case of needing to fill an Instructor.

(This is available to Elite tier members)

To Request a Substitute for an upcoming class

  1. Select 'Scheduler' in the Top Nav

  2. Select the class that needs a Substitute (please note: this must be a future class)

  3. Select 'Request Substitute' in line with the original Instructor. A pop-up will appear to configure the Substitute Request.

4. Substitute Request pop-up: This is where you configure the request for a substitute

  • Schedule For 'Class Type' Recently- This multi-select field will locate all instructors who taught that same class in the last three months.

  • Others- The other instructors in the zingfit system that you would like to include on this request

  • From The From address for this request. In the case of an instructor replying, this is the address that will receive that reply

  • Additional Note: This note will appear in the system email that is sent. System Email placeholder: [note]

  • Send

5. After sending the request, the Pop-up screen will show all Pending Substitute Requests.

If you attempt to request a substitute on a class that already has the request sent, you will receive an error message when attempting to request another sub:

Substitute System Emails

Once the Substitute Feature has been enabled in your account, three new System Email templates will appear in your System Emails. Please note these will not be enabled automatically. In order to customize the notifications that are sent, you will need to add them by going to Admin>Configuration>System Emails>'+ Add Email'.

Substitute Instructor Request

Sent to Instructors by an admin requesting a substitute for a particular class

Substitute Instructor Confirmation Screen

Displayed to instructors when they've accepted a substitute request

Substitute Instructor Fulfilled

Sent to instructors when a substitute request has been accepted


Once a substitute has been requested, the scheduler will display the number of open requests.

Selecting 'Substitutes' in the Scheduler will bring you to the Pending Substitute Requests.

Pending Substitute Key

  • Trash Can Icon- Will delete the pending request

  • Date- Date of the class that is in need of a substitute

  • Studio- The location requesting a substitute

  • Room- The room the class is held in

  • Instructor- The original Instructor scheduled to instruct this class

  • Sent to- What instructors have received the request

  • Hours to Cancel- Amount of hours prior to the class start where the request will cancel.

Once the request has been fulfilled, it will no longer appear under 'Pending Substitute Requests', and the Scheduler will update the name of the new instructor after the request has been fulfilled.

Accepting the Request to Substitute a class

If the Substitute is the first volunteer to accept the request, they will be presented with a confirmation screen stating their name, class type, date and time, room, and studio location.

Confirmation to studio

As soon as the request has been fulfilled, whatever email address was added to the 'From' address in the initial request will receive a confirmation email stating which instructor has accepted the substitution request.

Video on how to Request a Substitute

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