To create a new Class type for your studio

  1. Navigate to Admin>Scheduling/Retail>Classes

  2. Select '+Add Class Type'

  3. The Class Type set up is as follows: Class name- What will appear on in your zingfit account when creating the studio schedule display name- Will appear on the website's schedule Class Length- Text will appear on the website (ie. 60 min, 1 Hour, 1H, etc.)Duration- The number of minutes for classes- used to give accurate types with booking confirmation emails -- duration should be the same as class length, so if the class is 1 hr, duration should be 60.Is Bookable- Available to book online- set to no if in-studio bookable onlyIs Closed- If set to yes, the class will not accept any bookings. Description- Appears on website spot count- How many spots can this class book. This is set on the room level.

Congratulations, you've just added a new class type to your zingfit account!

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