The Attendance Summary report is a highly filterable report to show class occupancy. Please view the linked file to see an example of this report

Column Explanations

Date: calendar date when classes were scheduled

Total: number of customer bookings

Paying: number of customers who paid (versus those who were comped)

Comped: number of customers who comped (versus those who were paid)

First Time: number of customer attending a class for the first time (this data is only valid for past days - the First Time customer number is not calculated until the end of the day)

No Show: number of bookings created from no-show

Cancel: number of bookings that were canceled + late canceled

Waitlist: number of customers on the waitlist

Repeat: total bookings minus first-time bookings

Avg: the number of bookings divided by the number of classes held this calendar day

Number Classes*: the number of classes held this calendar day

Classes to Charge: the total number of classes to charge set up on a per-class basis in the Scheduler.

Avg Spots*: average number of spots available for all classes = (total number of spots made available divided by the number of classes for the calendar day)

Capacity*: spots booked divided by the total number of spots made available

Paying (%): percentage of paid spots (versus comped spots)

Revenue: total revenue generated

Avg Price: total revenue divided by the number of paying customers

Number Classes*: The number of classes does not take into account classes with no attendance data. A class without any bookings will not be included in this report.

Avg Spots: *The number of spots made available is determined by the Class Type setting. If a Room has a capacity of 20 people, but the Class Type limits attendance to 15, the number of spots available is 15. Putting a spot on hold in the Booker does not affect the number of available spots.

This report updates within a 1-2 hour window from the last booking in the system.

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