This is one of our retention reports. As with most of our reports, this report is available for CSV export.

You can find it by going to Admin > Reporting > Series Expiration.

This report shows various configurations of how soon a series/contract will expire, how many classes are remaining on a series, or whether the series has already expired and when that happened. You can filter based on which specific Series you want to look at by choosing from the "Series" drop-down menu and then clicking on "apply."

You can filter this report by how much time remains before the expiration of the series, by choosing from the "Expiring In" drop-down menu, if you are in the "Weeks to Expire" mode. If you are in the "Classes Remaining" mode, you can filter by how many classes remain on a particular series or all series. In the example below, we'd be looking for all customers on either the 10 pack or 20 pack series that only have 4 classes remaining on their current package.

If you are in the "Expired" mode, you can filter based on how long ago the series expired. For instance, in this example below, we could look at customers that have any type of series that expired within the last 6 weeks.

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