The following exports can be helpful when migrating from zingfit to another platform.

1. Customer Export - This export contains all of the customer information provided by the customer whenever they created or edited their account.

Admin > Customers > Export All

2. Outstanding Debts - This report is used to show customers that have outstanding debts on their account that need to be paid down.

Admin > Reporting > Outstanding Debits

3. Attendance Export - This export shows the attendance history for each room based on the date range selected. As this export is for a particular room, be sure to run the export for each room in your studio.

Admin > Reporting > Attendance Export

4. Sales Export - This export shows all of the transactions that occurred during the selected date range and time frame and can be useful for your records

Admin > Reporting > Sales Export

5. Export All Open Series - This export gives you information on all currently active Series and Contracts in the system

Admin > Reporting > Export All Open Series

If you need to collect data related to customer credit card contact please your payment gateway as zingfit does not host that information.

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