zingfit makes all of your customer data available for migration to another Software Provider should you choose to discontinue the zingfit server. ** As you will be transferring PII personal data, please make sure, preferably in writing, that the Provider can warrant they will adhere to data privacy compliance processes such as GDPR.

Here are the zingfit reports that you will need to export in order to complete your journey with a full data set:


  • Outstanding Debits

  • Outstanding Credits


  • Attendance Export


  • Sales Export


  • Export All Open Series

  • UnPaid Bookings

* It is recommended that you keep data with zingfit for at least one month, if not two months so that you are able to refer back to the zingfit system in case customer issues arise around the data migration. For the consideration of privacy compliance, zingfit deletes all data within fifteen days of termination of Client paid subscription.
** zingfit does not permit the use of its API for data migration.

*Please note- if you have yet to communicate the decision to leave zingfit via the legal form, please complete this here.

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