If you are finding customers with identical phone numbers, names, and billing addresses, you can use the Duplicate Report to locate and merge the customers. Additionally, in the case of needing to merge customers without identical information, you can still merge customers.

*Before proceeding, please note that the merge is irreversible.*

To merge duplicate customers, navigate to Admin > Reporting > Duplicates. You can locate the customers by navigating through the 'By Billing Address', 'By Phone', or 'By Name' tabs. Select 'Merge' on the customer profile you want to merge

The merge window will appear to begin the merge process. You can find the customers by using the Recommended Duplicates box or using the "Find other Customer' search bar. Select the customer you are wanting to merge with the originally selected customer.

Both selected customers will be displayed side by side. If there is duplicated information, the information will be highlighted in yellow. Select to keep customer 1 or keep customer 2.

What will be merged: attendance, purchases, store credits and debits, group membership, referrals, and performance metrics
What will not be merged: credit cards on file, rewards, and form responses

A pop-up module will appear stating This Process is Irreversible. Select 'OK' if you are 100% on merging the two profiles. This will refresh your screen and display a message showing the completed merge.

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