Below are ways our reports can be manipulated by the user to display or export the data they want.

Save Actions

Many reports have actions that allow the user to save the data for use later.

  • Export - these reports can be downloaded. Most as CSV files, some as XLS files with multiple sheets.

  • Tag - these customer reports allow you to tag the report which saves the report within zingfit to either download as an export or to upload directly to MailChimp. Report Tags can also be used in other reports, making them a powerful tool for creating focused customer lists. Learn more here: Report Tags

Filter By Options

Most reports have options to sort the information.

  • Records Per Page

  • Search box

  • Studio - sometimes with the option to see all or individually.

  • Room - many attendance reports can be filtered by room sometimes with the option to see all or individually.

  • Series - only shows results under the select series (these are usually multi-select).

  • Class Type - usually multi-select

  • Instructor - usually multi-select

  • Tag - use a report to further filter a customer report tag previously created.

  • Date Range - only shows information pertaining to the selected range.

  • Time Range - only shows information pertaining to the selected range.

  • Cutoff Time - these financial reports can be configured with a cutoff time to be useful when reconciling payment processor deposits.

Include/Exclude Options

Many reports have options to include or exclude data.

  • No Shows - some class reports have the option to remove no shows from the reporting.

  • Comps - many financial reports give the option to include/exclude comps as these do not generate revenue.


Modes show contrasting views like Active and Expired


Customer Retention - Highly detailed customer data on retention rates by an array of classifiers. Exportable and Taggable.

Reward Campaigns - Highly filterable view of customers who have participated in reward campaigns. Exportable and Taggable.

Sales by Payment Type and Sales Export - Highly detailed and exportable.

Attendance with Revenue - Can be used to understand the revenue generation of certain classes, instructors, etc. by date range.

No Shows - This is where the user manages studio no-shows and can process fee transactions directly from this report.

Daily Sales and Daily Transactions - Useful for day-to-day monitoring and management of daily transactions.

Contracts - View and Tag active and recently expired Contracts. Failed billing Transactions are managed here.


Outstanding Debts

Customers with outstanding debits on House Accounts that need paid down.

Outstanding Credits

Customers that have store credit on their accounts.

Non-Returning Customers

Customers who have only made one series purchase.

Filter By Series, and Date Range

  • Include/Exclude Comps

  • Export

  • Tag

Customer Retention

For understanding trends of customer retention both for new customers and returning customers.

Filter by Studio and/or Tag.

  • First Time: Customer’s first class was within the date range.

  • First Time Retained: Customer’s first class was within the date range and they took a class after the date range.

  • First Time Not Retained: First Timers who did not come back after the date range.

  • Repeat: Customers who have taken a class before the date range as well as within the date range.

  • Repeat Retained: Repeat customers who took class after the date range.

  • Repeat Not Retained: Repeat customers who did not take a class after the date range.

  • Total: Total Enrollment for the date range.

  • Total Retained: ‘Total’ customers who took class after the date range.

  • Export XLS (Contains a sheet for each customer group above.

  • Tag (each customer group).

Customers By Zip

The number of customers by Zip/Post Code.

  • Sortable Columns

  • Searchable

Customer Referrer Summary

Lists the number of Customers by Referrer (How Did you Hear from Us?)

Filter by Date Range

  • Drill Down Referrer For Tagging and Export.

Unused Accounts

Customers that have never purchased or been given a series.

  • Export

Inactive Accounts

Customers that do not currently have an active package.

Filter By Tag

  • Comp Toggle

  • Export

  • Tag

Report Tags

Management of created Tags

  • Delete

  • Export

  • Upload to MailChimp (requires MailChimp integration).


Manage and Merge duplicate accounts by Billing Address, Phone Number, or name.

  • Not searchable

  • Export

Reward Campaigns

Lists all Reward Campaigns by name, with the option to view customers who have either been rewarded or have progress on the campaign.

Filter by All, Rewarded, Not Rewarded, Excluded (non-qualifying instances based on the trigger, Current Value Range (current progress).

  • Export

  • Tag


Attendance Summary

The summary report shows attendance values (enrollment status, capacity, revenue, etc) by day without the means to drill down further.

Filter by Room, Class Type, Series, Instructor, Date Range, and Time Range.

  • Export

Repeat Trend

Lists values on customer repeat attendance within Date Range.

Filter by Studio, Tag, Date Range.

  • First Time Repeated: New Customers who have come back for a second class.

  • Returning Repeated: When a customer has come back for a second class.

  • First Timers 1 time: New customers who have only attended one class (so far) in that date range.

  • Returning 1 Time: When a customer has come back for just one other class during the date range.

  • Total 1 Time: Customers who have taken only 1 class in the date range

  • Total Attendance: Total attendance in a date range.

  • Total Unique: Total number of unique repeats within that date range.

  • Repeat Average: Average repeat attendance for all customers in a date range. This is calculated as the difference between Total Attendance and Total Unique.

  • Option to Exclude Comps (to see paying customers only).

  • Not Exportable

  • Does not expose customer information.

Attendance with Revenue

Lists detailed information on the revenue generated by customers by class

Filter by Room, Class Type, Series, Instructor, Tag, Promotion, Date Range, Time Range.

  • Export

  • The ‘Estimated Per Class’ setting when configuring unlimited series or contracts is very important for attendance based revenue reporting.

Instructor Attendance Summary

A summary report that shows attendance values (enrollment status, capacity, revenue, etc) by instructor

Filter by Room, Class Type, and Date Range.

  • Export

Attendance by Timeslot

Average attendance per class based on the day of the week over last year

Filter by Studio, Age Range, Series, Instructor, Tag, and Date Range.

  • Compares last year’s average to current year’s average.

Attendance By Customer

Shows Customer Rank, Classes Taken and Earned Revenue by customer

Filter by Studio, Series, Class Type, Instructor, and Date Range.

  • Columns are sortable

Attendance By Month

Month-based calendar view showing attendance by class.

Filter by Room, Class-Type, Instructor, and Time Range.

Attendance by Zip

Summary report of attendance by location (ZIP Code/Postal Code).

Filter by Studio, Date Range

  • Searchable

Attendance Export

Detailed data export of attendance by Studio and Date Range.

No Shows

For viewing and managing No Show instances and the processing of No Show fee charges through the payment processor.

Filter by Studio, Date Range, Series, Export.

  • Fee Select, Card Select.

  • Late Cancel Tag for fee identification.

  • Gateway selector

Non-Revenue Summary

Summary Report of Attendance effectively on ‘comp’ or by a 3rd party Payer.

Filter by Room, and Date Range.

  • Not Exportable


Lists class ratings by Class date, Instructor, Rating, and Comment.

  • Tag

  • Export


Daily Sales

Lists sales by Customer, Product, and Total.

Filter by Studio, and Date Range

Daily Transactions

Detailed look-up tool for all transactions

Filter by Studio, and Date Range

Sales By Payment Type

Detailed Financial Report on all transactions categorized by payment type.

Filter by Studio, Customer Prefered Studio, Date Range, and Cutoff Time.

  • Income Mode - Toggle Non-income transactions.

  • Export

Series Summary

Detailed Financial Report on all Series and Contract purchases respectively.

Filter by Group, Tag, Preferred Studio, Date Range, and Cutoff Time.

  • Export

  • Tag

Merchandise Summary

Detailed Financial Report on all non-series sales by Category then Variants.

Filter by Group, Tag, Preferred Studio, Date Range, and Cutoff Time.

  • Export

  • Tag

Items By Payment Type

Summary version of the Merchandise Summary data.

Filter by Group, Tag, Preferred Studio, Date Range, and Cutoff Time.

  • Export

  • Tag

Earned Series Revenue

Detailed Financial Report of revenue earned from enrollment and series expiration based on Date Range.

Filter by Date Range

  • Tag

Promotions Redeemed

Detailed Customer report on Promotions redeemed by Date Range.

Filter by Promotion, and Date Range

  • Export

  • Tag

  • Searchable

Sales Export

Detailed Financial Export of all transactions by Date Range, and Cutoff Time.

  • 1 Month Max. Range

Sales By Customer

Detailed Customer Report on all transactions by Date range

Filter by Date Range, Series, Tag, Group, Gender, First Visit, Amount Spent.

  • Export

  • Tag


Remaining Package Value

Detailed Financial Report of all class credits left in the package before the cut off date.

  • Classes that are after the cutoff date are excluded.

  • Comps are excluded.

  • The value of unlimited is calculated as a ratio of days that the package has been active over the total days to expire of the package.

Inactive Series

Unused Package in Last 2 Weeks

Filter by Time Range

  • Export

Export All Open Series

Detailed Export of all currently Active Series


A detailed report of all customers with Active Contracts. Failed billing transactions are managed here with a three-month rolling view.

  • Mode: Active, Recently Expired

  • Tag

Series Expiration

  • Mode: Weeks To Expire, Classes Remaining, Expired

  • Filter by Series, Tag, and Group

  • Export

  • Tag

  • Search

Unpaid Bookings

Customer report of all customers who are enrolled in classes that extend beyond their current billing cycle renewal date.

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