The Product Upsells feature provides a means for studios to offer retail products to their customers at the tail-end of the class booking process. To get started, you will need to create your Categories and Products. If your product is already created, go to Admin > Scheduling/Retail > Products and click the edit button next to the product you want to upsell.

In the far right of the grey box, the Upsell for Classes- field allows you to select the name of the studio for which upsells will be made available. You can select one or multiple locations.

Before saving changes, make sure there is a Product Image.

Product Upsells with Add Ons

Add Ons are useful if customers like to customize a product. This might be adding protein to a smoothie or going dairy-free. To include Add Ons in the Product Upsells, make sure For Add On option is selected in the Category by going to Admin > Scheduling/Retail > Categories > Edit Category.

Once the Category allows Add Ons, return to editing the Product and select the options you would like to include in the Upsell Add On dropdown.

Display of Product Upsells

Product Upsells appear on the page with a thumbnail, product title, and price. If there are product Add Ons for the customer to select (such as size, color, flavor ...) a Select Button will appear below the item, otherwise, an Add to Cart button will appear.

Products with attribute selections will display a pop-up menu for customer selection.

Customer Access to Product Upsells

Product Upsells can be accessed by customers in one of two ways:

On a post-booking landing page (just below sharing links for studios that have Social Sharing activated).

From the Order Items link on the My Classes page in the customer account

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