When new customers join your studio, you will want to collect important information that might be unique to your studio. The Customer Configuration Field allows you to fully customize the New Customer sign-up process.

Customer Configuration fields can be modified in two places:

1. Admin > People > Customers > Customer Configuration Field

2. Admin > Configuration >System Settings > Customer Configuration Field

In the Customer Configuration Field, there are two sections-

  • NEW ACCOUNT - applied to sign up form on a public website

  • EDIT ACCOUNT - applied to customer info form on a public website. The validation rules also apply to editing accounts in the booker. The display rules do not apply here, as all fields are displayed.


Under each section, is a Display field and Required field. Use the checkboxes to mark which fields you want to be displayed and required. If you mark a field as required, you MUST select it to display. Required fields that are not set to display may cause issues for new sign-ups. First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password fields are automatically set to display and required.

  • If your studio anticipates integrating with any type of Performance Metrics system, we strongly encourage you to display and require the Weight, Height, Age, and Gender.

Custom Fields

In order to collect specific data for your studio, there are several custom fields. Edit the Label to begin collecting that information. The customer will see a textbox when submitting the information to you.

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