**Appointments are currently in Closed-Beta**

This article will explain how to configure appointments as well as how they work within the zingfit platform.

Appointment scheduling offers the ability to schedule 1-on-1 blocks of time for private training for your instructors. ( Backend-Only )

Customers can purchase Appointment Series and Contract on the studio website, however, the actual Appointment must be booked using the Booker by the studio.

Appointment Configuration

In order for the appointments to work properly, you must configure the following items prior to scheduling your first appointment.


In order to add a room to Appointment Scheduling, you will need to navigate to Admin>Configuration>Rooms>Click to edit the room of your choice>Select 'Yes' for 'Appointment Scheduling'>Save.


An Instructor Profile will need special settings in order to perform Appointments. To do this, navigate to Admin>People>Instructor Profiles>Click to edit the instructor of your choice> Select 'Yes' for 'Appointment Scheduling'> Save.

Click here to learn how to create a new instructor.

To set the Instructor's Payroll specific to Appointments, navigate to Admin>People>Instructor Profiles> select the '$' option.

Appointment Types

Select Admin>Scheduling/Retail>Appointment Types to create a new type for your studio appointment offerings. These are similar to Series Types in that you will need to tie all appointment contracts and series to an Appointment Type.

Click here to learn more on how to create an Appointment Type

Appointment Series/Contract

Click here to learn how to create an Appointment Series

Click here to learn how to create an Appointment Contract

Booking Appointments

Appointments can only be booked into from the backend admin.

How to Book a Customer into an Appointment

  1. An appointment will appear on your appointment scheduler.

2. Using the 'Find Customer' field in the upper right-hand corner (just like the booker) type the customer name you would like to book into an appointment

3. Once the profile is displayed you can book the customer into any upcoming appointment (as long as they have the applicable series or contract)

4. Simply select the time slot the customer wishes to have their appointment and the configuration will appear

a. Type: What type of appointment is being booked? (Appointment Type)

b. Instructor: Which instructor will be conducting this appointment?

c. Room: Where is the appointment taking place?

d. Start: Start time for the appointment

e. Select Save!

Please note: the customer does not require to have an appointment series or contract to book this session.

Appointment Layout


You can change your Appointment view to show a specific day, week, agenda, instructor, or Full Day/Business Hours.


This view will display the appointed classes scheduled for that day.


This is the default view, displaying all appointed classes scheduled for that week. These display Sunday through Saturday. This cannot be changed.


This view will layout your schedule in list form and allow you to have a more organized and clean view of your upcoming classes. This view will only show the current day's appointments.


The instructors can be added and removed in the filter just above the schedule. You can delete all or add all instructors in order to view all scheduled or to fine-tune which instructor schedule you want to view.

Full-Day / Business Hours

This toggle in the bottom left will allow you to switch between a default view within normal business hours, or an extended full-day view that encompasses the full spectrum from early morning to late nights.

Here is an example of a filtered view

System Emails & Configuration

  • The Appointment Cancelled System email is activated by default. This email is sent immediately upon canceling an appointment.

  • The Appointment Confirmation System email is activated by default. It is sent immediately upon booking an appointment

  • The Appointment Reminder System Email must be manually activated if you would like a reminder sent prior to the start of the appointment

Appointment Schedule Work Flow

Customer Check-in

When the customer arrives to their appointment, simply click on the appointment block and select 'Check In'. This will add a Check next to the customer name just like the booker when a customer checks into class.

Paying for the Appointment

The customer does not need an Appointment Series or Contract in order to book an appointment.

If the customer has already purchased an Appointment Series or Contract, simply click their name and select 'Pay'. This will show you the applicable Appointment Types the customer can use to book their appointment. Select 'Use Series' to apply that payment to their appointment.

If the customer does not have an active Appointment Series or Contract, select 'Go to Register' to check out. Once the customer checks out, you will need to select the appointment again, then select 'Pay' and apply that new series to the appointment.

Canceling an Appointment

To cancel an appointment, select the appointment and select 'Cancel'

Changing the Date and Time of the Appointment

This can be done using two different methods.

1. Click on the Appointment then select to Edit. You can change the date and time through the pop-up

2. Manually drag the appointment to the new time and date

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