A customer must have an Appointment Series or Contract to book an appointment.

Here are directions on how to create an Appointment Series

  1. Navigate to Admin>Scheduling/Retail>Appointment Series

  2. Prior to moving forward, you must have an Appointment Series Type. Click here to learn more on how to create that

  3. Select '+Add Series'

Appointment Series Setup

  1. Appointment Types: These are the Series Types that you have set up in the system. Just like a class series or contract, you must select which series type is applicable. The beauty with Appointment Series is one series can be applied to multiple Appointment Series Types.

  2. Name: Name of the Appointment Series

  3. Price: Cost of the Appointment Series

  4. Tax Class: Is this a taxable product?

  5. Is Unlimited? Yes or No

  6. Session Count: How many sessions are included if this isn't unlimited?

  7. Estimated Price Per Class: If this is unlimited, how much does each session cost (roughly)

  8. Expires in: When does this Appointment Series expire? Please note: there is no activation on the first class booked or fixed starting date for Appointment series

Email Options

  1. Purchase Email: Email a specific address to notify upon each purchase

  2. Custom Expiring Email: Used in place of standard system expiring email.

  3. Session Count Low Email: Sent when the class count reaches number set in system email.

If the Appointment Series is offline, it will not appear on your buy page.

If the Appointment Series is online, this will display on your website's buy page.

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