A customer must have an Appointment Series or Contract to book an appointment. A contract will provide recurring billing for the studio and a consistent membership for your customer.

Here are directions on how to create an Appointment Contract

  1. Navigate to Admin>Scheduling/Retail>Appointment Series

  2. Prior to moving forward, you must have an Appointment Series Type. Click here to learn more on how to create that

  3. Select '+Add Contract'

Appointment Contract Setup

  1. Appointment Types: What Appointment Type do you want this contract to be associated with?

  2. Name: Name of the Appointment Contract

  3. Is Unlimited? Yes or No

  4. Base Series Price: Price of each billing cycle for this contract

  5. Tax Class: Is this a taxable product?

  6. Contract Frequency: The length of a billing cycle

  7. Times to Recur: How often does this Contract renew? For example: If you wanted to create an annual appointment contract that renews every month, your set up would be: Contract Frequency: 1 Month Times to Recur: 12

  8. Estimated Price Per Class: If this is unlimited, how much does each session cost (roughly)

  9. Select 'Next', You will notice your screen update with more fields!

  10. Contract Renews: Does this contract renew after the last billing cycle?Yes: The contract will expire and generate a new contract for the customer to renewNo: The contract will end after the last billing cycleConvert: the contract will convert into a different contract or series of your choice

  11. Customer Can Cancel: Can the customer cancel their contract from their account?

  12. Fixed Billing Date: Day of the month the contract renews. Please note if your contract has a fixed billing date when the customer purchases the contract on a different day the total will be prorated.

  13. Billing Cycle Unit Pricing: You can customize each month's cost by editing these fields. Normally, they stay as-is.

  14. Include for Commission: Is this counted toward commission?

Email Options

  1. Purchase Email: Email a specific address to notify upon each purchase

  2. Custom Expiring Email: Used in place of standard system expiring email.

  3. Session Count Low Email: Sent when the class count reaches number set in system email.

If the Appointment Contract is offline, it will not appear on your buy page.

If the Appointment Contract is online, this will display on your website's buy page.

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